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Rickety Shackety By the River Outside Outside #5 Harvest Sun Harvest Moon Feels warm Fancy Foam Cool Blue Glow Ooooh that green Fantastic Night Wave 25 Years Ago August Wave From Within #2 Harvest Sun Noon Wave They May Be Swimmers Power, Beauty Skinny Bliss Not So Skinny Bliss Clean Bliss #4

Green Mist Boogie Three Fins Glorious Lean Right
Red Green Boogie Wet Paint Suit Thanks RD Here I Come Little Boogie #1
Jan's Lightness Just Being Commuting #1

Global Warming Commuting #2 Mathews Beach

Green Mist Wet Paint I think It's a Dream Yellow Dot It must be important I Look Good in Any Light The Guru, Study I Like Being Here I Thought There Was Only One I Think I See the Light

Thanks Royal Jumping on Paper #1 Merging #2 Elvira Jumps Too Vicarious Pleasure The Juggler Addition The Whole Herd Hey Batter Batter Spring Spring Dance
Perception #11 Perception #9 Perceptions
Perceptions #10 Figure Eight
Arbolita Leaning Studio Corner #1 Wet Paint
Wet Paint #16

Would You Look At This!? Red Bird Structure Life is Good Anxiously Awaiting the Arrivals of the Pilgrims
I Couldn't Feel So I Tried to Touch Some May Wonder Two Crows I'll Do the Talking Here
There May Be Two Crows Yellow and Blue