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William Park

William Park
2637 NE MLK Jr. Blvd., Portland, OR 97212
(503) 234-2727,

Artist's Statement

I love to paint.

I don't mean the puppy licking your face kind of love. I'm talking about the screaming downhill thrill, on the fulcrum between fear and ecstasy, of the roller-coaster...like jumping naked with your lover into a vat of semi-liquid dark chocolate covered ginger, to hell with the consequences kind of love.

I was aware of my visceral connection with paint almost from the beginning. I remember "helping" my grandfather paint and varnish various pieces of furniture as a young child and watching, hearing, smelling and occasionally feeling the brush dipping into the can, into this magic liquid. Then withdrawing the brush, bristles covered with glistening richness and sliding it across the freshly prepared surface, transforming an ordinary piece of wood or furniture. I was mesmerized by the whole experience. My grandfather knew. He got this special look when he asked "Hey Bill, ya wanna help me paint a table?" I could not and did not try to control my enthusiasm.

This passion drives my work.

People are the central expression of this passion. I work with other subjects but sooner or later human characteristics emerge.

About 10 years ago I began a series of self portraits which evolved into the very simple egg shape of my clean, shaved head. This led to a long series of abstract paintings with more or less realistic images. I am amazed at the range of possibilities with just these basic, simple shapes. The egg shape of my head led to eggs which led to birds.

The birds entered my work about the time my mother was diagnosed with cancer. I am fortunate to have been present much of the time during that extraordinary four years while she battled for her life. I am still moved by her spirit for life. The birds symbolize that spirit for me. The birds have become my companions and my guides.

In the past year or so light bulbs and fixtures entered the scene. They bring more awareness and something quite special is happening: the birds, the lights, the people and the paint feel intimately connected. My connection to myself and the unity of life is deepening. As I write this statement I am aware of feeling profound gratitude.

I love to paint.

Solo & Featured Exhibitions

2011 Family, Monotype Collaboration with Stephen Hayes, Clatsop Communtiy College, Astoria, Or
2010 Mark Woolley Gallery, Portland Or
2010 Featured on Oregon Art Beat, Oregon Public Broadcasting
2010 Governor's Office, Oregon State Capitol, Salem, Or
2009 Mark Woolley Gallery, Portland, Or
2008 Mark Woolley Gallery, Portland, Or
2006 Mark Woolley Gallery, Portland, Or, Three Mavericks
2006 North Bank Artist's Gallery, Vancouver, Wa
2005 P:EAR, Portland, Or
2005 Featured Artist, Sitka Center for Art and Ecology, Invitational, Portland, Or

2004 Augen Gallery, Portland, Or
2003 Augen Gallery, Portland, Or
2002 Augen Gallery, Portland, Or
2001 Augen Gallery, Portland, Or
1999 Augen Gallery, Portland, Or
1998 Augen Gallery, Portland, Or
1997 Augen Gallery, Portland, Or
1997 Columbia Art Gallery, Hood River, Or
1996 Erickson and Ellins, San Francisco, Ca
1995 Augen Gallery, Portland, Or

Group Exhibitions & Awards

2011 Residency, Sitka Center for Art and Ecology
2010 Two of a Kind, Froelick Gallery, Portland Or
2008 Portland Art Museum, Rental Sales Gallery, Or
1998-2009 Sitka Art Invitational, Portland, Or
2003 Portland Contemporary Art Center, Process Show, Or
1997 Pacific Northwest Annual, Bellevue Art Museum, Bellevue, Wa
1996 Froelic Gallery, Portland, Or
1995 Rocky Mountain National, Golden, Co, Award
St Charles Art Festival, St Charles, Il, Award
Northwest Watercolor Society, Kirkland, Wa
Watercolor USA, Springfield, Mo
1994 Art Quake, Invitational, Portland, Or
Frye Art Museum, Seattle, Wa

Northwest Poets and Artists Calendar
Lana International Competion, Campbell-Thiebaud Gallery, San Francisco. Ca
Texas Watercolor Society, Houston, Tx, Award
1993 Art Quake, Portland, Or
Watercolor Society of Oregon-Sweepstakes Award
San Diego Watercolor Society, Award
1992 Arts in Oregon Council
1991 Artsplash, Redmond, Wa, Award
Art Quake, Portland, Or
Art League 72nd National Exhibition
1990 San Diego Art Institute 36th National Juried Art Competion, San Diego, Ca

Public Art Commissions & Collections

Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, Ca, Permanent Collection
Tacoma Art Museum, Tacoma, Wa, Permanent Collection
Public Mural, with New Avenues for Youth and Outside In, Portland, or
Portland Community College, Or, Permanent collection
Wilson Pool, Windscreen, Portland Parks and recreation, Or
WallWORKS PDX, Portland International Airport, Or
University of Oregon, Tennis Recreation center, Eugene, Or
Tri-Met Lightrail Fence Project, Portland Or

Ater Wynne LLP, Portland, Or
Emmons Company, Portland, Or
Oregon Eye Clinic, Portland, Or
Oregon Health Sciences University, Portland, Or
Pacific Crest, Portland, Or
Rentrak, Portland, Or
City of Portland, Or, Permanent Collection